About Me

Hi! Thanks for joining me.

My name is Christian Barczi, and this is my own personal blog for anything and everything sports.

I like writing, I always have. I also have always loved sports, so I figured creating this site would give me an outlet to combine two of my biggest interests. There isn’t a specific sport I will be covering. There will be no rhyme or reason to the topics that I write on. The best explanation I can give you as to why I write any specific article is because my interest was probably piqued by something I read. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the topics I do discuss and I look forward to engaging with those (mainly my mom and dad) that read my posts.

I attend Valparaiso University as a Communication Major (Sports Journalism) and will be graduating in 2020. On top of my interest in sports media, I also play baseball at the University. When I’m not involved in baseball activities or doing homework, you can probably find me watching movies, playing guitar/piano, browsing reddit, or simply just laying in bed doing absolutely nothing. I love listening to music; my favorite artists range from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to John Mayer to J-Cole. I’ve been a die-hard Chicago Sports fan my entire life — and although they have been atrocious for almost my entire existence, the Chicago Whitesox are my go-to team.

Now that I’ve written arguably the most generic ‘About Me’ page of all time, I’m ready to get to the actual sports writing. Welcome to my site — let’s set the BAR!